Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another great order...

I blogged about the website:

This is my 2nd order, and while I'm still learning the difference between seeing it online/catalog or in person, I just got the most incredible Swarovski crystal beads!! I'm so excited to make some stunning and elegant earrings!

Here are just a few previews of the new beads before I make them into some great baubbles!

 Here's my new catalog... This company is great, and $5 FedEx shipping!

 Amazing broquet style Swarovski crystal

 Beautiful blue teardrop shaped Swarovski crystal

 These lucite beads are going to make a kick-a** pair of earrings!

Smaller version of the broquete shaped crystal

I am so inspired by these new beads, I can't wait to do some earring creating this evening! Next post will be awesome new earrings :-)

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